• The New Simple UpCL - Now Battery Operated As Standard

    A height adjustable, x-ray positioning platform that lifts patients safely, quickly and comfortably into the right position for x-rays and treatment, preventing patient falls. The patient feels more relaxed and you do too, thanks to the ergonomic position which reduces the strain on your back. By positioning the patient at the right height for you, you do not need to bend or kneel.

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Simple UpCL Benefits

Battery Operation The Simple UpCL is now battery operated removing lengthy trailing cables or extra parts needed to operate. You now have the flexibility to choose the room to use it in. This standard feature means that you don’t have to purchase a costly external battery option.
Secure The patient can hold on with both hand and thus feels secure.
Easy and Fast Simple UpCL is a user friendly, professionally presented system, providing comfort and security for the patient, whilst potentially improving departmental work flow.
Low Step A simple press of the button and the Simple UpCL rises slowly and under control. It is stable and no step is needed.
Stable In the lowest position the caster wheels enable Simple UpCL to be moved to a different position or from room to room. Once in place and locked in position it is easy to guide a patient on and off Simple UpCL single-handedly. Your staff can raise or lower Simple UpCL to the required height without kneeling or bending, reducing the risk of injury in the workplace.
Safety First No unstable, troublesome steps, but a stable platform that rises. The solid construction makes patients feel secure. The large supports mean that they stand firmly and can easily change position for examination or x-rays.
Working Practice Standards By using Simple UpCL you will be complying with national and EU laws regarding manual handling and compliance with Health & Safety requirements. Simple UpCL is a medical device Class 1, type B and is in conformity with the requirements under the Directive Medical Devices 93/42 EC.

The Problem

How do you and your patients cope with the increasing demand for standing and load bearing x-rays of lower limbs?

It is estimated that patient slips, trips and falls cost the NHS approximately £15 million per year. However, recent research has shown that by using a range of simple interventions, healthcare organisations can significantly reduce the number and cost of patient accidents and improve the working environment for staff.

Patient Mobility

When your X-ray tube won’t go low enough With patient mobility restricted due to injury, age and patient size, current practice can:

- Be uncomfortable for staff working at floor level
- Hamper correct positioning
- Restrict patient movement
- Be unsafe for the patient

From this:

The Simple Solution!

A mobile, height adjustable, patient lift/platform developed specifically for Radiography and Radiographers, to provide a safer working environment, remove the risk of falls, offer greater flexibility for patient positioning and provide healthier posture and positioning for the Radiographer.

The many advantages:
- Ergonomic and can be set to the right height
- Patients are in the correct position
- Easy to move
- Sturdy, safe, stable and maintenance free
- Fast and simple to operate
- Batter operation provides complete flexibility
- Potential to improve work flow
- Approved MDD 93/42/EEC safety standard compliant

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The Story Of Simple UpCL - A Message from the manufacturers

Simple Up<sub>CL</sub> 3 PositionsA few years ago my brother told me the story of an elderly man he met. The man was around 75 years and unfortunately he had some trouble with one of his knees. His GP sent him to an orthopaedic clinic where an X-ray was to be made. In the X-ray room he was asked to use the wooden step that was available to the staff because the X-Ray tube would not go all the way down to knee height. The bad thing that happened was that the man went home after a picture was taken from his bad knee and from his broken arm because he had fallen from the step.

This incident inspired us to create a safe solution that would not only prevent fall incidents with patients, but also would prevent staff to incur an RSI like injury after many years of repetitive jobs.

The lift had be very safe and stable, simple in use, moveable, and a must was that is should qualify as a Medical Device under the European Medical Device Directory 93/42.

Thanks to the help and the job experienced information and suggestions from the X-ray department of the University Hospital in Utrecht, we were able to design and to build a lift system that is ultimately safe and user friendly called Simple UpCL because it so simple to use.

For safety and stability reasons we use 4 lifting columns which can lift a maximum of 200 kg. Tall patients, patients of average length as well as children can hold on with both hands. It is operated with a so called dead man key, the lift will only work if the up or downs key is kept pressed. For safety reasons the lift will also no longer move when a power failure occurs. Because it might be pitch dark in the X-ray it is safer for the patient to stay on the lift until power returns.

The Ministry of Health audited on-site our product and production facility and concluded that Simple UpCL complies with all legal demands and the authorities certified the Simple UpCL under registration number NL-CA002-2012-25320, valid in all countries of the EU.

Currently about 50 hospitals in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK are front runners in using this safety device.

John van Halderen
Co-owner of Melius Pro B.V.